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We pride ourselves on discrete and affordable tax problem resolution and tax debt settlement services for individuals and businesses. We’ll put an end to the misery that comes from IRS tax problems and get you the peace of mind you deserve. Our methods are timely and affordable. Contact us today!

We can address your Tax Notices, Prepare Back Unfiled Returns, Represent you for an Audit, Help with Leins and Levys and if applicable provide you options to help reduce, and in some cases eliminate, back taxes, ranging from arrangements like penalty abatement, installment agreements, or offers in compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Our Tax Representation Process? 

We analyze and build a resolution plan

  • Free Consultation

  • Discovery Phase

  • Resolution Phase

What Happens During the Free Tax Problem Resolution Consultation? During your free consultation, we will review your notices and assess the situation. We will lay out the tax problem, resolution and or tax relief process for you and what to expect in each of the different phases. There is no risk or obligation for clients to move past this initial step. If you choose to move to the next phase (Discovery phase), we will collect a one-time Discovery fee.

If During your Free Consultation if it is determined that your Case involves Tax Issues that are not as involved and are of a more general nature we will provide you a fee quote at that time and commence providing the tax resolution services if approved by you.

For Tax Debt Resolution or Settlement and More Involved Cases this further Process would apply:

How Much will my Tax Resolution Cost? No two tax situations are the same. Just because you have tax probems or owe tax dedt doesn’t mean that the resolution and or relief will be expensive. We primarily charge you fixed flat fees, unlike many other providers, who may charge by the hour.

When is my Price Locked?  We charge two fees, one for the Discovery and the other for the Resolution. Both fees have our Price Lock Guarantee (the price we quote is the price you get). At the end of our free consultation, if you decide to have us perform the investigation, you can lock in the Discovery fee. At the end of the Discovery, after we have clearly explained your options, we will provide you your Resolution fee.

What happens during the Discovery Phase? During our Discovery phase, we are trying to thoroughly understand your tax situation, along with your financial situation. A dedicated case manager will act fast to work directly with the IRS to request a hold on collection activities to help protect assets, work on identify resolution options, and a recommended resolution plan. During this phase for your tax situation, we want to discover if this is the actual tax debt owed. Sometimes there could be a misunderstanding or missing information that could alter that tax debt amount. We want to do that homework to see if what the IRS says you owe appears to be correct. For your financial situation, this is one of the primary things that the IRS will look at to assess your ability to pay and whether you qualify for some of the resolution options available. So it’s a really important component for us to analyze and understand. At the end of the Discovery phase, we’ll have a good idea of what your tax relief resolution options are and we’ll create and recommend a resolution plan that’s right for you.

What happens during the Resolution Phase: Once a resolution plan is selected, we will prepare and submit the resolution package, provide all necessary forms and explanations to the IRS, work with the IRS to get the best outcome and final resolution. No Matter what program you end up in continued compliance is essential. Some programs like the Offer in Compromise require several years of filed returns or they terminate your agreement. Lucky for you we offer annual tax preparation services so we can help make sure you stay on track.

How can I settle my Tax Debt? If you cannot pay your tax debt in full there are many tax relief options that taxpayers can qualify for based on their financial situation and hardships. Four of the most common resolution options are: Fresh Start Installment Agreement, Partial Payment Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise, and Currently Not Collectable.

Guarantee Disclaimer: Napoli Tax Services, LLC will refund monies paid under the our Client Agreement within the first 15 calendar days without any penalty or obligation. This money-back guarantee ONLY applies to the fee paid towards the Investigation Phase and NOT for those enrolled with our Immediate Action Team or those that have executed a Resolution Phase Addendum. We do not guarantee that your tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage nor do we make any guarantees or promises about the outcome of proposed services.

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